उपविभाग का चयन करें
(वर्तमान वर्ष)

क्रम संख्या विषय हिंदी संस्करण अंग्रेजी संस्करण
65तत्कालीन श्रम एवं रोजगार राज्य मंत्री (स्वतंत्र प्रभार) माननीय श्री संतोष कुमार गंगवारजी की अध्यक्षता में आयोजित हिंदी सलाहकार समिति की 40 वीं बैठक में लिए गए निर्णयों के कार्यान्वयन के संबंध में
मु. का. सं. हिंदी सलाहकार समिति / 2017-18/40वीं बैठक /756 dated 03/08/2021
64Filing of e-nominations under Bharat Ka Amrut Mahotasav (BKAM)
HO No. Pension-3/E-nomination/Pt.(35734)/1453 dated 30/07/2021
63HBR Webinar: Using Data to Make Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/162 dated 29/07/2021
62Final Seniority List of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners Level 10 post in Pay Matrix [Pre-revised Pay Band 3 (Rs. 15,600-39,100) with grade pay of Rs. 5400/-] as on 01.01.2019 in the EPF Organisation
HO No. HRM-II/S-1(1)2019/1395 dated 28/07/2021
61Revised rates of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2021
HO No. HRD/1(71)2020/Misc./Pt./472 dated 27/07/2021
60Transparency in Works / Purchase / Consultancy contracts awarded on nomination basis
HO No. Vig./Coord/CVC-Correspondence/Part-File-2/2021 dated 26/07/2021
5931 दिसंबर 2020 को समाप्त तिमाही के लिए राजभाषा संबंधी तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट की समीक्षा के संबंध में
मु.का. हि.अ./ति.प्र.रि./संगठन / 2018/2173/1248 dated 22/07/2021
58Delegation of role to assign CRO under MLC to Zonal ACCs
HO No. WSU/2020/Multi-location settlement of claims dated 13/07/2021
57Webinar: Building a Strong Foundation for Security and Governance with Digital Document Processes
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/143 dated 22/07/2021
56Webinar: Leverage competency based learning to develop an effective pedagogy in future of work
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/142 dated 22/07/2021
55Treatment / regularization of hospitalization / quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandemic
HO No. HRD/1(71)2020/Misc./471 dated 22/07/2021
54Revised rate of interest - with regard to Staff Provident Fund in EPFO
HO No. HRD/3(2)2012/SPF/470 dated 22/07/2021
53Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Earned Wage Access- Bringing financial freedom to the core of employee wellness
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/139 dated 20/07/2021
52ISSA Webinar: Cybersecurity in social security - Threats, issues and strategies
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/138 dated 20/07/2021
51Webinar: Tech in Succession Planning- Stay Prepared for tomorrow
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/137 dated 20/07/2021
50Nomination / Appointment of the Liaison Officer for Other Backward Classes
HO No. HRM-III/Misc./Liaison Officer/OBC/1240 dated 19/07/2021
49Revised rates of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees w.e.f. 01.07.2021
HO NO. HRD/1(71)2020/Misc./Pt./469 dated 20/07/2021
48Holidays to be observed in Central Government offices during the 2022
HO No. HRD/12(1)2011/Holiday/Pt./466 dated 19/07/2021
47Grant of benefit of one notional increment (as due on 1st July) for the pensionary benefits to those employees who had retired on 30th of June before drawing the same
HO NO. HRD/1(71)2020/Misc./Pt./467 dated 19/07/2021
46अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों में राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समितियों का गठन एवं इनकी बैठकों के नियमित आयोजन के सम्बन्ध में
मु.का.सं. हि.अ. / तिमाही बैठक - समीक्षा / 1206 dated 15/07/2021
45Forwarding of information to Vigilance
HO No. VIG/COORD/INVESTIGATION/2020/1195 dated 14/07/2021
44Calendar of sittings and allotment of days for answering questions during the Sixth Session - Seventeenth Lok Sabha and Two Hundred and Fifty Four Session of Rajya Sabha, 2021 (Monsoon Session, 2021)
HO No. PQ/95/2020/Calendarofsittingsandallotmentofdays/4 dated 13/07/2021
43Revised Entitlements for leased residential accommodation for officers of EPFO enhancement of rates
HO No. HRM-8/V/25(9)/Lease Accommodation/658 dated 09/07/2021
42Declaration of result of Enforcement Officers / Account Officers Probationary Examination held from 01.03.2021 to 05.03.2021
PDNASS No. 33/1/2019-20/PDNASS/126 dated 09/07/2021
41Extension of Time lines for electronic submission of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) for the year 2020-21 through HR Soft application software
HO No. APAR-12/2015-16/SPARROW/Part-IV/1032 dated 06/07/2021
40Redistribution of sanctioned posts of Junior Translation Officer and Senior Translation Officer
HO No. HRD/22/2016/RR/OL/Vol.III/Pt./804 dated 28/06/2021
39हिंदी में विज्ञापन जारी करने तथा विज्ञापन पर खर्च करने के संबंध में
मु.का. हि.अ./ति.प्र.रि./संगठन / विज्ञापन एवं प्रचार/ वॉल-II/2020/1004 dated 05/07/2021
38श्री विनय चंद्र : आरटीआई अधिनियम, 2005 के तहत सूचना
HO No. WSU/2021/203/RTI (E-37356) dated 25/06/2021
37Redistribution of sanctioned posts of Junior Translation Officer and Senior Translation Officer (Correct Circular at Sl. No. 40, as per directions of HRD Division)
HO No. HRD/22/2016/RR/OL/Vol. III/Pt./804 dated 28/06/2021
36Review of 7-A Inquiries pending for more than 3 years
HO No. Compliance/2020-21-7A-Cases/1214 dated 23/06/2021
35Webinar: How organizations are boosting business agility with digital document processes
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/96 dated 28/06/2021
34Corrupt practices adopted by private travel agencies by claiming inflated amount from the government organisations
HO NO. Vig/Coord/CVC-Correspondence/Part-File/2020 dated 23/06/2021
33Releasing of funds for the year 2021-22 towards Welfare Activities
HO No. WelfareFund/3(13)/2021-22/BudgetAllotment/751 dated 22/06/2021
32Link arrangements of Regional Offices
HO No. HRM-II/T-1(1)2020/Pt.III/634 dated 15/06/2021
31Supply of Information under RTI Act, 2005 to Amitabh Kumar
HO No. HRM-III/RTI (03-04)/2021/398 dated 14/06/2021
30Supply of Information under RTI Act, 2005 to Shivam
HO No. HRM-III/RTI (03-04)/2021/395 dated 14/06/2021
29COVID 19: Guidelines for Air Conditioning and Ventilation
HO No. PFD/CS-3(5)/Circular/2019/433 dated 16/06/2021
28Temporary transfer / posting of APFCs
HO No. HRM-II/T-1(2)2020/582 dated 15/06/2021
27Mandatory seeding of Aadhar Number for filing of ECR
HO No. WSU/15(1)2019/ATR/529 dated 15/06/2021
26Office order regarding Group'A' officers superannuating during the period 01.07.2021 to 31.12.2021
HO No. HRM-I/A-10(45)2006/Vol.I/515 dated 08/06/2021
25RTI Application of Shri Swatantra Kumar Meena
HO No. RTI-11011/169/2020- HRM-IV/490 dated 07/06/2021
24Release of Death Relief Fund in COVID-19 deaths on the basis of undertaking of eligible beneficiaries etc.
HO No. B-11/1/2020-HRM-VI/333 dated 01/06/2021
23Medical Advance without documentation in cases of emergency hospitalization on account of serious life threatening illnesses including Covid
HO No. HRM-8/V/12(18)2007/UP/Vol-I/470 dated 01/06/2021
22Revised rate of interest - with regard to Staff Provident Fund in EPFO
HO No. HRD/3(2)2012/SPF/463 dated 31/05/2021
21Medical Advance without documentation in cases of emergency hospitalization on account of serious life threatening illnesses including Covid - CIRCULAR WITHDRAWN - Revised Circular at Sl. No. 23
HO No. HRM-8/V/12(18)2007/UP/Vol-I/271 dated 31/05/2021
20Time lines for submission of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) in respect of Group 'A', 'B' and 'C' cadres for the year 2020-21
HO No. APAR-12/2015-16/SPARROW/565 dated 28/05/2021
19Observance of Anti-Terrorism Day on 21st May 2021
HO No. HRD/1(71)202/Misc/Pt/462 dated 19/05/2021
18RTI application of Shri Swatantra Kumar Meena
HO No. RTI-11011/169/2020-HRM-IV/182 dated 17/05/2021
17RTI Application of Shri Swatantra Kumar Meena
HO No. RTI-11011/169/2020-HRM-IV/180 dated 17/05/2021
16Gazette Notification No. GSR 299(E) dated 28.04.2021
HO No. EDLI/Committee-Exem./Extension/2019/27058 dated 29/04/2021
15Corrigendum - Partial modification to office Order No. HRM-I/A-10(45)2006/Vol.I/2083 dated 06/01/2021 regarding Group'A' officers superannuating during the period 01.01.2021 to 30.06.2021
HO No. HRM-I/A-10(45)2006/Vol.I/277 dated 26/04/2021
14Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) by all officials holding Group 'A' & 'B' posts
HO No. AVS-18/1/2020-HRM-IX/275 dated 19/04/2021
13Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) by all officials holding Group 'A' & 'B' posts
HO No. AVS-18/1/2020-HRM-IX dated 19/04/2021
12सूचना प्रबंधन प्रणाली में तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट अपलोड करने के सम्बन्ध में
मु.का.सं. हि.अ. /ति. प्र. रि./संगठन /2018/11/271 dated 19/04/2021
11Formation of Special Cell for Compassionate Appointment
HO No. A-45013/22/2021-HRM-V/260 dated 19/04/2021
10ISSA Webinar: Rehabilitation and return to work policies - The need for holistic approaches
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/50 dated 15/04/2021
9ISSA Webinar: Behavioural insights and social security
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/49 dated 15/04/2021
8HBR Webinar: The Secret to Today’s Most Successful Companies
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/48 dated 15/04/2021
7वार्षिक कार्यक्रम 2021-22 का अनुपालन
मु. का. सं. हि.अ.-8(2)2015-16 /वा. का. /218 dated 13/04/2021
6Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Vaccination of Central Government employees
HO No. HRD/9/2020/CBT_Member/459 dated 13/04/2021
5Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 of those Central Government employees whose selection for appointment were finalized before 01.01.2004 but joined Government service on or after 01.01.2004.
HO No. HRD/58/2017/NSDL/458 dated 13/04/2021
4Intel Event: How Wonderful Gets Done 2021
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/28 dated 09/04/2021
3ISSA Webinar: Digital inclusion – The skills challenge and good practice solutions
PDNASS No. 13/07/2020-2021/PDNASS/27 dated 09/04/2021
2राजभाषा हिंदी के प्रयोग संबंधी वित्तीय वर्ष 2020-21 की वार्षिक मूल्यांकन रिपोर्ट के सम्बन्ध में
मु. का. सं. हि.अ./वा.मू.रि./2018-19/मुख्यालय /99 dated 09/04/2021
1Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2021 - Birthday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
HO No. HRD/12(1)2011/Holiday/Pt./457 dated 09/04/2021